We renovated this vacant store in a Matsuzaki Town‘s shopping street using timber felled as part of our forest maintenance operations.
This space, built with timber from hardwood trees which were once used for charcoal-making, with the tree’s natural curvature out in front, is designed to give the impression of being in the middle of the forest.
We use it for a variety of different events and as a place for relaxing after mountain-bike tours while enjoying the scent of wood and basking in the warm light.
We named it "BASE TRES” (“Base three” in Spanish) after its location at 3 m above sea level. Don’t forget to drop by when visiting Nishiizu.


Junichiro Matsumoto 松本 潤一郎


Started travelling overseas at the age of 17 armed with a backpack and a guitar. His travels have taken him trekking in the Himalayas, the Karakorum and the Andes.
After completing a 23,000-km motorcycle trip across South America, he moved to Nishiizu at the age of 25.
While working as a cook in Nishi Izu in order to acquire the necessary skills for supporting himself on the road and planning his next journey, he discovered the existence on a large network of ancient trails which were no longer in use and lay dormant in the mountains.
With the intention of starting trail tours in the Nishiizu area (where the ocean is the main tourist attraction and mountain-related activities were almost non-existing)he set up the NISHIIZU ANCIENT TRAIL RESTORATION PROJECT in 2012 in order to promote the restoration of the ancient trails and the conservation of the satoyama woodland at the same time.
He is currently involved in promoting Nishi Izu's Ancient Trails drawing on his knowledge of the salt-trading routes from Nepal to Tibet and the cultures and human activities of the Inca Trail.


Keitaro Heima 平馬 啓太郎

Trail Manager & Guide

Born in Matsuzaki Town.
After leaving Matsuzaki Town after high school, he opted for a change in lifestyle and returned to his home town in 2013. Back in Matsuzaki Town, he met Yamabushi Founder Matsumoto while looking for a job and,after initially helping with tasks like driving tour cars, gradually worked his way up. He is currently active as YAMABUSHI TRAIL TOUR’s first local trail guide. Leaving behind a life spent mostly indoors and unconnected to the outdoors and mountain work,he has since mastered the use of the chain saw and the mechanical harvester, switching to a very active lifestyle in the mountains of Nishi Izu. At present, he’s in charge of maintaining and managing the trails used for the tours.. His manual skills and dexterity, handed down by his artisan grandfather, make him the finest trail-builder in the team.


Ryo Sakuma 佐久間 亮

Woodcutter & Guide

As a student, he was active in Risengaku University’s Expedition Club and took part to a sea-kayak expedition to the Kingdom of Tonga which involved rowing from island to island. He also took part to a mountain-bike tour which took him to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and, upon graduating from university, moved to Matsuzaki Town to work as a sea-kayak guide.He currently works as a lumberjack in the mountains of Izu and lives in Nishiizu where he guides mountain-bike and sea-kayak tours on weekends. Having a strong build, he is indispensable when doing trail work requiring physical strength.


Toshio Imai 今井 俊雄

Bicycle Mechanic & Guide

Since a fatal encounter with MTB at the age of 18, he has been riding all kinds of trial, road and touring bikes.
Determined to do genuine MTB experiences, he quit the company where he was working at the age of 29 and traveled to Canada and New Zealand on a working holiday visa.
After returning to Japan and working as a mechanic at a motorbike shop, he joined YAMABUSHI TRAIL TOUR where he works as a guide, trail-maintenance staff, mechanic and all-round staff.


Minami Chaya 茶屋 美南

Weekend Staff

After getting married, she moved from Tokyo to nearby Shimoda city in 2017, .
While working from home on weekdays for a company in Tokyo organizing nationwide road race events, she discovered YAMABUSHI TRAIL TOUR as a place to recommend to her friends while visiting Izu.
After participating in several tours, she started working as a week-end guide in November 2017.
Her immediate carrer goal is to become the ideal guide for female riders and beginners.


Yoko Saito 齊藤 陽子

Weekend Staff

Born in Matsuzaki Town during the baby boom days.
She grew up in total freedom in the local forests and rice fields and later became a hairdresser in Kawasaki and Yokohama, helping everyone look their best.
After setting up a small beauty salon, she was hit hard by the economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and returned home.
She works on weekdays as office administrative staff and on week-ends as YAMABUSHI TRAIL TOUR staff.
She’s currently learning Flamenco guitar and training hard for bike riding and other strenuous activities.


Operating Company


Capital: 3,000,000 yen
Established: April 12th, 2017
Representative Director: Junichiro Matsumoto
Headquarters: 379-2 Matsuzaki-cho Matsuzaki, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3611
Contact address: +81-558-36-3737