· A package tour inclusive of everything you will need for mountain-bike riding, including rental bikes, helmets and so on.
· Since riding is done mostly on paved roads, this tour is suitable for those who have never ridden mountain bikes before as well as for women and children who are not confident about their fitness level.
· Enjoy a leisurely mountain-bike ride from the mountains down to the sea while experiencing the ever-changing nature of Nishi Izu with all your senses, instead of viewing it from a car window,

■Tour fee(rental equipment included)

One-day tour: ¥9,000 per person. Required time: 9: 30-15: 00
Half-Day Tour: ¥7,000 per person. Required time: 9: 30-12: 00 (morning)
                      13: 00 ~ 15: 30 (afternoon)

* Minimum number of participants: 2 
* In case of 5 or more participants, it’s possible to switch to a private tour at no additional cost.
 For details on private tours, see at the bottom of the page.
* All prices are inclusive of taxes.

Cancellation fees

On the day of the tour: 50% of tour price
On the day before the tour: 40% of tour price
Between 7 and 2 days before the tour: 30% of tour price

* Cancellation fees are to be paid by bank transfer to an account specified separately.

■Basic Courses

EASY RIDE basic courses are shown below (click to view course details)

* Please note that courses may be subject to change depending on road conditions, weather and other circumstances on the day of the tour.

  • EA-1

    This is our most popular course, perfect for touring and admiring the surroundings of Matsuzaki Town, designated one of "Japan’s most beautiful villages"
    The course runs through a series of connecting rural roads flanked by rice fields and houses with traditional “Namako walls,” recognizable by their distinct white grid patterns, built between the Meiji and the early Showa era (early 1900s)..
    The scenery consists mostly of small streets too narrow for cars and satoyama woodland, Japan’s most iconic landscape. Along the way it is also possible to make a stop at Iwashina School, an important National Cultural Heritage Site.

  • EA-2

    This course passes through 370 terraced rice paddies, at an altitude of between 150 and 250 m, and leads down to a fishing village
    All bikes and equipment are loaded onto a van and participants are transported by vehicle to the starting point and picked up at the finishing point, so that those unsure about their fitness level need not worry.
    On terse days, when the air is clear, you can see Suruga Bay below and Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps in the distance. .

    * Only for 1-day tours

  • EA-3

    This 25 km-long course leads from a 900 m-high plateau down to the sea, offering a glorious downhill ride down the mountains of Nishi Izu.
    Mountain bikes will be loaded on to a van and participants will be transported to the starting point by vehicle. Even though this course is quite long, it mostly runs downhill and is thus suitable even for women and children.
    We will be riding along a narrow gorge and on the way we will stop to admire a waterfall with a 50-meter drop. In the summer you may want to cool down by jumping into the nearby stream in a place of your choice!

    * Only for 1-day tours


EASY RIDE Private Tour Information

Private tours can be arranged on request.
Feel free to contact us if you wish to participate as a group.
Since Nishi Izu is rightly famous for its beautiful sunsets, it is also possible to customize courses so as to time the arrival to coincide with sunset.
Also, feel free to consult us about the various catering options available.

EASY RIDE Private Tour basic fees
· 1 person: ¥36,000 (¥28,000 ) per person
· 2 persons: ¥18,000 (¥14,000) per person
· 3 persons: ¥13,500 (¥10,500) per person
· 4 persons: ¥10,300 (¥8,800) per person

* Prices within brackets refer to half-day tours.
* In case of 5 or more participants, it’s possible to switch to a private tour at no additional cost.